Henry Miller said… “The best way to get over a women is to turn her into literature”

McKenzie: Hey, maybe you should write a book.

Tom: What?

McKenzie: Well, you know, Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.

Tom: That guy had a lot more sex than me.


But I’m a woman and I don’t want to forget this man, the thing is a just want to turn him into words, because this might not be literature, I just want to talk about him, about “us”, you don’t have to read what I have to say about him but I will write it anyway, because tonight, tonight I can’t get him out of my mind and this is the best way to stop thinking about him and continue my long night with my essay.

His name is not important, I couldn’t even pronounce it when I first met him. I like to remember him as the arrogant guy who made fun of me because I couldn’t speak his language and as the guy who made me said “boobs” in a foreign language in a group picture.That bastard! I did laugh, but I kinda hated him for making feel embarrassed. I know, what a lovely first impression, but the truth is that I did liked him right away… Call me hopeless romantic but we did had our perfect “summer love” story. The kind of stories you just cry about in movies or books by Nicholas Sparks, stupidly romantic and unreal. I’d like to tell you how we fall in love but I actually can’t describe it and that’s what love is, right? I like to say to people that if you can fall in love in another language you know what real love feels like, it might not last forever (trust me, we did have an ending) but the experience itself it’s a one in a lifetime.

I will in the future tell you the full story, maybe I will turn him into literature and then sell books about this story, but in the meanwhile I’ll blog about it and you might read about it.




– First photo of us, in group obviously.