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Take a moment to appreciate this ScreenShot here…

Let me tell you a few things you might don’t know about Mexico, my country, the country I share with other 119 426 000 habitants… If you’ve been to my country you won’t let me lie and say that this image it’s just… how to put it in a nice word? BULLSHIT nonsense.

Well yeah, I mean we do have sauce, pretty girls, corn fried toritillas that you may know as nachos, veggies, dogs (one in particular that looks ugly in there but it’s quite a … we’ll get there), sombreros, burritos, ponchos, cactus, TACOS, tequila.. etc…

But Mexico is just so much more, so here are a few things that I would like to share with you about this colourful country.

(I have to admit that I love the mix of the colours in the screenshot up there)


You see that little flag over there, has been through a lot of changes, and its meaning is simple in a way but has a lot of history, a friend of mine recently asked me if I knew the meaning of the colours, and I did remember the meaning of two but I couldn’t get them all and there are just 3 colours (shame on me)… Green is for hope, white is for unit/unity and red is for the blood of our national heroes (because they died for us)

Here are some facts: We have a songs, poems and the day of the flag is February 24, it is illegal to wear the flag, or be disrespectful, use it in an appropriate way, you can really go to jail or pay a big amount of money, ask Miley. Maybe we are not the only country that does that, but do you know the real meaning behind the flag of your country?


I think we are pretty famous about our diversity in food. Yes some of us like our food spicy but we don’t always or not all of us eat chilli or “JALAPENOS”. I would like to describe to you what Mexican food is like, but I just can’t, I mean take a look…

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Conchas! (Mexican sweetbread) #mexicanfood

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Ok I need to stop because I’m starting to get hungry just at looking. Maybe it doesn’t look as tasty as it is, but I can asure you that if you come to Mexico and try to eat everything you will gain like 4 to 5 kg (10 lbs) in less than a month. (Ask your friends that have come here, I have plenty of testimonies of friends of mine from many different countries.)


I bet to you that If you come to México and see a person in the street (that it’s not going to a party or a festival) with a sombrero, poncho and huaraches I’ll buy you dinner. We seriously don’t go out dressed like the girl in the screenshot. We do have traditional costumes and some people wear native clothes from their region but the majority wear normal clothes, and by normal I mean regular standard clothes, we are not some fashion capital or something like Paris or Milan, but we do like to design clothes because we are proud of what we are, but Mexican designers are more practical than autochthonous clothes.

Ricardo Seco’s design

THE DOG: “Xoloitzcuintle

Ancient mexican dog that I’ve only seen couple of times in my life. The weird name “xolozciuntle” it’s in nahuatl, that means dog with out hair. You can see one in the Chapultepec Zoo in DF.

The one in the right.


We say bad word, we speak with double meanings, we use a lot of english words, it’s hard to understand the spanish that we speak even in different parts of Mexico, it’s not the same one word in the south that in the north and so. In my experience talking to people from Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, etc.. in spanish it’s just hard. I spend one summer living with a Columbian friend, sometimes we had to speak in english because what I said he understood something else, and I always misunderstood him. If you speak spanish you can have an idea of what it’s like by watching this musical video.

And I could think a lot of more things to share about my country and its gigantic culture, our parties, architecture, art, natural wonders, traditions, etc… but I guess that you’ll have to come, because living in Mexico, adopting Mexican culture it’s a challenge and a real experience. We are proud of what we are, at least I am, I am in love with México.

Note: This is the only picture of me wearing a sombrero and I was in a global village sharing my culture.

Un beso,


10 years and a list.

This great blogger which I’ve just discovered by wondering around wordpress shares a lot of what it’s going on my head right now… She wrote a great post about “23 THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF GETTING ENGAGED BEFORE YOU’RE 23” and  honestly I couldn’t agree more. I mean I’m 20 years old and I’ve not lived as much things as this women or other people, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done enough things to be happy about…

Back in the summer when I was having the time of my life experience a new adventure on my own volunteering in Russia I found a peculiar cultural thing that was going on with this  young people (now friends), that some of them weren’t even 20 when they already got engaged or married… my first “buddy” asked me what I thought about getting married at my age (I was 19 and so did she) I thought it was a joke but answered nicely, I told her that I there is no rush on getting married, I mean if I’m already committed by word to this person there’s no need of marriage, because honestly I think that is one of the biggest adventures people take, but for now on I rather do other things and I’m gonna make my own list about…

Things I need to do in my 20’s.

1.-  Go to Paris

Paris 2013

2.- Twice or more.

3.- Ski, water ski and surf.

4.- Go to Egypt and South Africa

5.- Go to Russia, again


6.- Go topless at the beach

7.- Take a picture while kissing a stranger

4.- Eat pizza and ‘gelato’ at Italy

5.- Go to Seul

6.- Take a random trip

7.- Roadtrip in Mexico

8.- Go to San Miguel

16.- Get a Tattoo

17.- Finish a book

18.- Have a nice blog (working on it)

19.- Go to all places where you can practice all the languages you are learning or know

20.- Buy a professional camera

21.- Make a Vlog

22.- Save for a GoPro and buy a new INSTAX

….  (to be continued)

I’m sure there are plenty other things that I wanna do before I turn 30 and get married, I have 10 years and a list, maybe I get married with stranger or my best friend (if I ever talk to him again) but who knows? My advice in this… Live and enjoy, at the end the things you do matters only to you.


M. ♥