Have I gone mad?


When I was around 11 years old, most of my family believed I was crazy because I was into learning different languages and different kind of music, my mom thought I was crazy because I preferred to read over going out when I was 14. Most of my relatives called me crazy when I moved out my mom’s and started living 9 hours away with my older brother to have a better high school when I was 15.
My “new friends” called me weird, because I looked kinda nerdy and didn’t liked to drink, then I started partying when I was 18 and when to college to study Industrial Design and they said I acted nuts. Then again the use the same word when I decided to drop out college because design wasn’t really my thing..
Crazy again because I entered to engineer university in a major called “Biobusiness”. Madness was again my thing when I decided to volunteer in Russia for the summer and fall like a fool in love. Came back and moved again to another big industrial city, with a broken heart, started to accept challenges, I realised I had to make more changes, so I changed my degree again, “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”.

My major now is Advertising and Market Communications, but today, I decided to make one more little change and pierce my nose, for myself, because I f*cking like it. What did they call me again? CRAZY.

Well, the thing is, I’ve done pretty good things with my life. I’m happy with who I am and the decisions I’ve made, I have no regrets… only hard life lessons, but it is MY life, and I am the one who is living it, so yeah, If CRAZY, MAD, WEIRD, DIFFERENT, is the only words you have in your vocabulary to describe MY life in, please save it to yourself, I don’t care what you think, be more original I’ve heard those before, and honestly what I decide or everyone decides to do with their own lives, is non of your business “normal” people.



It drives you crazy, getting old.

Ugh, this songs makes me want to go back when I was about 8 years and I was living with both of my parents, happy, with no worries to think of other than my school grades or the song I was gonna sing at my english class in front of everyones parents.
So funny how things change when you get older and older, you have to stop doing thing you like just because you have to get better at things that really matter…
I wish everything stayed like that… but no, time will not stop, you have to keep moving, adapt and if you’re lucky enough you’ll people to be happy with sharing other things you’ve learn to do and things you are passionate about… Growing old is indeed the scariest thing you can be worried about that has no stop, but it is what life is about…

Enjoy, live everyday as if it’s the last and have no regrets.

♥, M.