What if…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPKAwJKGSDc&feature=kp

Ever had that kind of night that you can’t concentrate in anything you are doing (specially in your 20 min essay presentation you have due to monday) and all you can think is on the “what if…”.

Lately I’ve been trying to be the kind of person that won’t let that “what if” thing torment me in the future, I’m living by the day, if I feel it I say it, If I’ll like it I’ll buy it, make it or do it. I’m not thinking about “what would everyone else think about what I do or what would they say?” I just stop caring about what everyone thinks and tells about what I do or how do I look or however I choose to live my life… because as it says… It’s mine.  My life, my choices, my decisions in my life… If I wanna stick together with the guy I love who is scared to compromise I will be in love with him, if I wanna eat chocolate or ice-cream or pizza or all of them I will, If I wanna go 4 hours to the gym I will, if I wanna get a tattoo, buy an ukulele or travel to my old hometown and get drunk as fuck and break sinks at bars… I WILL. 

And you should do to… Or not, do whatever you want…