I’ve got too many negative feelings and thoughts right now, not only because it’s Valentine’s Day and all my beloved ones are either in another country, city or away from me right now, but also because I’ve been doing this shitty organic chemistry homework that has taken already 2 hours of my life in only 2 freaking questions and the worst part is that I know the answer but since my professor wants to be all technologic he made us use this shitty webpage that is useless and slows down the progress a lot.

But then I realized that when I start getting frustrated with my homework I started thinking that all my friends are away, that I have no boyfriend (i know it’s lame to care but when a couple starts kissing in less that a meter from you it kind of makes you wish or either they go the fack away or you had a boyfriend), so yeah… I started to feel pretty negative, but then I remembered I joined this challenge in internet that you might have heard of… it’s called “100 happy days!” (you can see my progress following me on Instagram) and well I started yesterday and since I really want to finish this challenge I’m not letting all this negative energy take away my happy day, so I’ve decided to do what makes me happy and is writing while I listen to one of my favorite playlist on 8tracks it’s called “Happiness is contagious” and weirdly I thing that happiness is indeed contagious.

So today I’m happy because I go the chance to write about what’s in my head and you probably don’t care and honesty, neither do I… but still, I’m happy, and you should be to… go enjoy the day! If you have a partner, a lover, your family or friends, enjoy them as much as possible, have a date, buy flowers, eat chocolate, cupcakes, candy, drink and BE HAPPY… that’s the hole point of this Valentine’s day

With so much love,