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Take a moment to appreciate this ScreenShot here…

Let me tell you a few things you might don’t know about Mexico, my country, the country I share with other 119 426 000 habitants… If you’ve been to my country you won’t let me lie and say that this image it’s just… how to put it in a nice word? BULLSHIT nonsense.

Well yeah, I mean we do have sauce, pretty girls, corn fried toritillas that you may know as nachos, veggies, dogs (one in particular that looks ugly in there but it’s quite a … we’ll get there), sombreros, burritos, ponchos, cactus, TACOS, tequila.. etc…

But Mexico is just so much more, so here are a few things that I would like to share with you about this colourful country.

(I have to admit that I love the mix of the colours in the screenshot up there)


You see that little flag over there, has been through a lot of changes, and its meaning is simple in a way but has a lot of history, a friend of mine recently asked me if I knew the meaning of the colours, and I did remember the meaning of two but I couldn’t get them all and there are just 3 colours (shame on me)… Green is for hope, white is for unit/unity and red is for the blood of our national heroes (because they died for us)

Here are some facts: We have a songs, poems and the day of the flag is February 24, it is illegal to wear the flag, or be disrespectful, use it in an appropriate way, you can really go to jail or pay a big amount of money, ask Miley. Maybe we are not the only country that does that, but do you know the real meaning behind the flag of your country?


I think we are pretty famous about our diversity in food. Yes some of us like our food spicy but we don’t always or not all of us eat chilli or “JALAPENOS”. I would like to describe to you what Mexican food is like, but I just can’t, I mean take a look…

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Conchas! (Mexican sweetbread) #mexicanfood

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Ok I need to stop because I’m starting to get hungry just at looking. Maybe it doesn’t look as tasty as it is, but I can asure you that if you come to Mexico and try to eat everything you will gain like 4 to 5 kg (10 lbs) in less than a month. (Ask your friends that have come here, I have plenty of testimonies of friends of mine from many different countries.)


I bet to you that If you come to México and see a person in the street (that it’s not going to a party or a festival) with a sombrero, poncho and huaraches I’ll buy you dinner. We seriously don’t go out dressed like the girl in the screenshot. We do have traditional costumes and some people wear native clothes from their region but the majority wear normal clothes, and by normal I mean regular standard clothes, we are not some fashion capital or something like Paris or Milan, but we do like to design clothes because we are proud of what we are, but Mexican designers are more practical than autochthonous clothes.

Ricardo Seco’s design

THE DOG: “Xoloitzcuintle

Ancient mexican dog that I’ve only seen couple of times in my life. The weird name “xolozciuntle” it’s in nahuatl, that means dog with out hair. You can see one in the Chapultepec Zoo in DF.

The one in the right.


We say bad word, we speak with double meanings, we use a lot of english words, it’s hard to understand the spanish that we speak even in different parts of Mexico, it’s not the same one word in the south that in the north and so. In my experience talking to people from Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, etc.. in spanish it’s just hard. I spend one summer living with a Columbian friend, sometimes we had to speak in english because what I said he understood something else, and I always misunderstood him. If you speak spanish you can have an idea of what it’s like by watching this musical video.

And I could think a lot of more things to share about my country and its gigantic culture, our parties, architecture, art, natural wonders, traditions, etc… but I guess that you’ll have to come, because living in Mexico, adopting Mexican culture it’s a challenge and a real experience. We are proud of what we are, at least I am, I am in love with México.

Note: This is the only picture of me wearing a sombrero and I was in a global village sharing my culture.

Un beso,


The new me that has always been there…


Say hello to another future publicist…. YES! I’ve changed my degree again and yes I might as well get out of university until 2017, I know, it seems like forever, but try to picture things as I do.

1. When almost all of friends graduate, I’m gonna be studying abroad, living life as an exchange student.

2. I’ll still have time to volunteer in another country, again (I’m hoping is Island or India).

3. I’m as young as them, but I still don’t have to worry about paying my bills (thanks a lot father, I really REALLY appreciate it).

4. I might as well find my dream job before I graduate or start my own small business.

5. And last I did what I wanted, I know people that consider plenty of times changing their degree because they weren’t satisfied or happy but they didn’t have the guts to do it. And I did… two times, because when I’m not happy, I won’t settle.

So, I’m going to be publicist and I’m trying to learn as much as I can to be excellent at what I’m gonna do with my life.

Ciao a tutti!



“Almost a designer never an engineer…”

So this just happened to me. I was sitting in the dinning room of my university having something like breakfast and lunch because that’s what we students do (or at least that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month, I know… it’s unhealthy but I haven’t had the you know the disposition to change this bad habit). Anyway, so today was the soccer game and I was surprised because I’ve never seen so many men together having lunch at the cafeteria it was full and of course they were all looking at Real Madrir vs. Borrussia. I was about to finish when a young lady (around her 30s) walked into the room carrying a little girl around 2 years old and she was looking for a place to sit with her daughter, I was about to leave so I told her that she could sit where I was sitting, she sat and started sighing, we started a conversation….

– “What’s her name? She looks so sweet…” – the little girl was looking at me with her big green eyes as if she has never seen so many people before, kind of overwhelmed.

– “Hey Jackie say hi to this young lady” – she talked to her with that mommy voice as if she couldn’t understand if she spoke normally – “Her name is Jackie. Oh boy! how fast time flies, I used to study here, ten years ago…” – apparently she started to have flashbacks of her good times.

– “Really? What did you study?”- I asked

– “Communications” – she looked at me and smiled – “let me tell you something, you have no idea of how fast this happens, enjoy, do everything you want to, don’t stop because of what everyone thinks it’s good or not, I’m telling you if you don’t tell that guy that you like him, you’ll keep wondering all your life, what would have happened if you told him how you feel… The worst thing that could happen is that he doesn’t like you back and well, you have plenty other choices…”- and then she looked around like checking all the handsome young men that were sitting around us.


After I left her I started thinking about what she just told me, and damn she is so right, that’s what I’ve been thinking and doing since the beginning of the year, not only to tell the guy I like, I like him, but to live life as I want. I did just change my career, for the second time, so this will be the third time I “start” a new one. I’m sure people will say a lot of things about me, they are going to judge me, to say things like “you are just wasting time and money”, bummer! People no offence but I am (me) who is studying, I am the one who is spending her money and time, ME not you ME… So thank you but I don’t need you to give me the opinion of what I am going to do with my life, I didn’t ask for it. When I do want to hear it I will ask for your opinion.

And well I did also said the guy I like, I like him and he likes me too so yeah…

Until the next, love.



Henry Miller said… “The best way to get over a women is to turn her into literature”

McKenzie: Hey, maybe you should write a book.

Tom: What?

McKenzie: Well, you know, Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.

Tom: That guy had a lot more sex than me.


But I’m a woman and I don’t want to forget this man, the thing is a just want to turn him into words, because this might not be literature, I just want to talk about him, about “us”, you don’t have to read what I have to say about him but I will write it anyway, because tonight, tonight I can’t get him out of my mind and this is the best way to stop thinking about him and continue my long night with my essay.

His name is not important, I couldn’t even pronounce it when I first met him. I like to remember him as the arrogant guy who made fun of me because I couldn’t speak his language and as the guy who made me said “boobs” in a foreign language in a group picture.That bastard! I did laugh, but I kinda hated him for making feel embarrassed. I know, what a lovely first impression, but the truth is that I did liked him right away… Call me hopeless romantic but we did had our perfect “summer love” story. The kind of stories you just cry about in movies or books by Nicholas Sparks, stupidly romantic and unreal. I’d like to tell you how we fall in love but I actually can’t describe it and that’s what love is, right? I like to say to people that if you can fall in love in another language you know what real love feels like, it might not last forever (trust me, we did have an ending) but the experience itself it’s a one in a lifetime.

I will in the future tell you the full story, maybe I will turn him into literature and then sell books about this story, but in the meanwhile I’ll blog about it and you might read about it.




– First photo of us, in group obviously.

What if….

Ever had that kind of night that you can’t concentrate in anything you are doing (specially in your 20 min essay presentation you have due to monday) and all you can think is on the “what if…”.

Lately I’ve been trying to be the kind of person that won’t let that “what if” thing torment me in the future, I’m living by the day, if I feel it I say it, If I’ll like it I’ll buy it, make it or do it. I’m not thinking about “what would everyone else think about what I do or what would they say?” I just stop caring about what everyone thinks and tells about what I do or how do I look or however I choose to live my life… because as it says… It’s mine.  My life, my choices, my decisions in my life… If I wanna stick together with the guy I love who is scared to compromise I will be in love with him, if I wanna eat chocolate or ice-cream or pizza or all of them I will, If I wanna go 4 hours to the gym I will, if I wanna get a tattoo, buy an ukulele or travel to my old hometown and get drunk as fuck and break sinks at bars… I WILL. 

And you should do to… Or not, do whatever you want… 





If I had to give one advice to people who are going to travel to a different country where they’d never been, it would be check the weather forecast… When I was going to prepare my luggage for Russia all my friends and family told me to buy extremely warm clothes, jackets and shoes… But what they would never imagine is that during summer the city where I was gonna stay the average temperature is 30 to 40 centigrades, so I took of course some jackets and warm clothes to stay warm but I also took skirts, swimsuits and shorts, either ways my jeans ended up to be shorts because of the heat…
Another advice, I recommend you to try to learn some words or greetings of the language they speak (if you don’t speak their language) people are surprised and they really appreciate when you do an effort to try to communicate with them in their language and it wouldn’t be bad to try to lear of their cultures as well as their traditions… It’s always nice to bring something to the host family and AIESEC committee, because it speaks for you and how grateful you are, I recommend you to bring small toys (for the kids in case you are working with them) and for adults some bracelets, bags or something small that will represent Mexico your beautiful country, also they love sweets (candies) bring some traditional candies and they will love it! I also had a friend who collected money, so I gave her a 5 pesos coin and she was so happy and exited!
About transport from your home to the foreign country I’ll recommend you to look for scales, as many as you can handle because it’s cheaper and buy your plane tickets with time (1 1/2 or 2 months). Once you are at your final destination to start this new experience transportation in the city depends on the country you are visiting, because all of them are different, but public transport is the best and cheapest way to go one place to another. Ask for help of AIESECers of the committee you matched, I’m sure they’ll help you and give you the best way to transport. Don’t never ever change money at the airport, it’s the most expensive rate you’ll ever find.

About cultural shock… Well first, you’ll have the one where they can’t believe you how you live in Mexico and in their country, some of them they don’t know how we live and what’s going on with our country, some people will like to talk to you about politics and religion because they are really curious, also about our traditions and how we celebrate some things.

Please don’t go with the idea of what you’ve heard of that country, forget about ‘stereotypes’ for example, my dad wasn’t really happy with my choice about Russia, because he believed Russian people were cold and mean with everyone who wasn’t Russia, and yes… some people are mean but so does here in Mexico, when I arrived my buddy took some traditional stuff and was really happy to meet me and every single person I met was happy to meet me and so was I, I made so many friends so fast you’ll almost think it’s impossible, also I felt kind of a rockstar because they always wanted to take pictures with me!

About the VISA and all that, I did had to wait until the government of Russia send a letter to the Russian embassy here in Mexico inviting me to their country with a special letter written by the Russian LC, but I did not have further problems because I was prepared and had checked for dates and everything.

As for the LCs, my LC was in Leon Gto and they helped me with everything they could… My LC in Russia was Rostov-on-Don, and they were amazing with all of the trainees that went for the summer, it was the biggest reception they had and they could manage it pretty good! I was always with someone who spoke English and Russian so that I could communicate and go around the city without getting lost, unless I asked to go alone somewhere they will always keep track on me.

I did not have major problems, none involved with AIESEC, and I’m waiting to take another experience as soon as I have vacations from school and some saved money.

ImagenSelfie with the Russian kids at “Green Fire” camp in Dederkoy, Russia. 


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I’ve got too many negative feelings and thoughts right now, not only because it’s Valentine’s Day and all my beloved ones are either in another country, city or away from me right now, but also because I’ve been doing this shitty organic chemistry homework that has taken already 2 hours of my life in only 2 freaking questions and the worst part is that I know the answer but since my professor wants to be all technologic he made us use this shitty webpage that is useless and slows down the progress a lot.

But then I realized that when I start getting frustrated with my homework I started thinking that all my friends are away, that I have no boyfriend (i know it’s lame to care but when a couple starts kissing in less that a meter from you it kind of makes you wish or either they go the fack away or you had a boyfriend), so yeah… I started to feel pretty negative, but then I remembered I joined this challenge in internet that you might have heard of… it’s called “100 happy days!” (you can see my progress following me on Instagram) and well I started yesterday and since I really want to finish this challenge I’m not letting all this negative energy take away my happy day, so I’ve decided to do what makes me happy and is writing while I listen to one of my favorite playlist on 8tracks it’s called “Happiness is contagious” and weirdly I thing that happiness is indeed contagious.

So today I’m happy because I go the chance to write about what’s in my head and you probably don’t care and honesty, neither do I… but still, I’m happy, and you should be to… go enjoy the day! If you have a partner, a lover, your family or friends, enjoy them as much as possible, have a date, buy flowers, eat chocolate, cupcakes, candy, drink and BE HAPPY… that’s the hole point of this Valentine’s day

With so much love,




Año nuevo…

Bienvenido… supongo que tener una fecha en la cual celebrar el inicio de algo es bueno, para muchos (incluyéndome) es cuando podemos empezar de nuevo, dejar a un lado nuestros errores ¿pero qué pasa si nuestros errores nos persiguen y no nos dejan en paz? ¿se supone que debamos olvidarlos? ¿seguir adelante? ¿qué pasa si los errores nos pueden ayudar a no volver a cometer nuevos errores o los mismos en su defecto?

Como dice ese dicho, “a lo hecho, pecho”, en un principio me tomó un poco de tiempo entender lo que me quería decir, hasta que comprendí que una vez que hiciste algo tienes que enfrentarlo con la cabeza en alto o como mis padres suelen decirme “espalda derecha”, enfrentar las cosas como son, como vienen… aceptar las consecuencias sean buenas o malas.

Para mi éste año (al igual que el pasado) se trata de encontrar balance, entre mente, cuerpo y alma… No estoy muy segura de dónde saqué esta nueva filosofía pero lo que si puedo asegurar es que cuando tengo balance en mi cuerpo, mente y alma mi espíritu está coexistiendo.

En fin, un poco de inspiración de año nuevo…

¡Feliz año!


How come having a blog seems so complicated?

Well apparently I’m no longer a blog virgin, I mean yes I’ve tried different blogs but not like this, this blog is dedicated to you to find something to read, to forget your troubles, maybe get identified with some things and opinions or even get inspired to do something, I will talk about experience in travels, college, work, friends, and some other stuff like movies, books, music, tvshow and fashion…

So I guess I’ll read you around,