I want to write a book.

Since I have memory, I’ve always wanted to write a book, I used to make mini-stories about what happened to me on the day in small pieces of paper wrapped as a brochure, of course it was mostly drawings (bad drawings) but I liked them, then right off I started writing and reading I kept journals, I have journals since I can recall. Most of them were written with really bad grammar and ugly writing, but they were mine. My journals, my stories, my creations… Then I started blogging. But I still have journals, and one of my dreams, that now I’m turning into a goal, is to have a book about my travels, but I have to have one special journey. I’ve not traveled as much as many others but, I will. And trust me, I will write about it. Hope it make it big, and you all can read it and have a copy of it.

One of my best friends sent me something from South Korea, we both grew up in Mexico (I’m Mexican, she’s not) but didn’t met until I moved to the city where she also lived, we became good friends in high school and when it was over, she had to move back to her country, we’ve been exchanging letters, sarcastic postcards, some art I made and she sends me stuff like face masks (Fact: Korean facial products work really good by the way) and some notebooks, because she knows how much I love to write.

But this, this last one, oh man! Did it changed something in me, she motivated me… And I can’t wait until I’m done with it!


I hope we meet again and this time, I want her to be the first to read my book-to-be.