van harte gefeliciteerd

It’s been months since I last thought of you, years since I last wrote about you. But today, I have you on my mind. It’s your birthday and the kindly facebook reminder popped it out this morning. First thing I saw when I woke up. I remembered your face, your smile, those enchanting blue eyes that made me go mad.

Later while I was working my computer reminded me again. It’s your birthday, what a blessed day the day you were born. I’m so happy I got to know someone like you. But can’t help to feel a little sad, sad that we are not in touch anymore. I pretended it was okay for me to be part in your life but it hurts to see you so fond of her.

Almost 5 years since we were, but how come I still have this feeling towards you that seems that will never end? They say time heals everything and I want you to know it’s true, I’ve healed myself from you, yet I still have this sensation every time I think of you, every time something reminds me of you, like today.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is: fijne verjaardag, ik wens je nu het beste en voor altijd. 

Ik zal altijd van jou houden.