Here I am.

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It is true I was once the love of your life. It is true you fell in love with life with me. It was true that I was there for you while you were there for me.

I keep living, not in the past but with the idea that I will not ever find something like that. I live with the ghost of what I had. I should not be blinded by your happiness. I should raise above and be happy for you. Right now I don’t even know why I’m not okay with it.

I am over you. But I’m not over what we had, it was another type of connection, physical, sentimental and for what a moment I thought it was spiritual.

I’m really happy for you. I am. Or at least I want to be happy for you. Does that count? I hope so. I know it will take me time to let the feeling go. Don’t worry, I’ll rise above. I’m a warrior remember? I’ve been trough hell and back, rock bottom and look at me? Here I am.





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