Ever watched a horror movie where you know something bad is going to happen and you look at your friends and tell them “how stupid the character can be, she must know the killer/monster is there to get her?“.. Same thing happens with my life, there are things I know I’m not suppose to do. Because I know. I am aware of the consequences… but I still do it, because I do enjoy the thrill of it all. Or because of tequila.

But what is life without some mistakes made? I’m pretty sure that all the things I’ve done one day will end up like a good story.

I just need to figure out what to do meanwhile.

– M


A dream. | Un sueño.

I’ve been dreaming about you lately… It makes me wonder, is it true when someone appears on your dreams is because they are thinking about you?

I’ve been dreaming about you and what we did wrong. This time we decided to make it right. It was just us, us against all odds. The smile in your face was so genuine, so real so natural, like the once you used to give me.

I’ve been dreaming about you and the life we could have had together, we were living in a small house with a big yard somewhere with nice weather, the sun was kissing our faces, you had were wearing that shirt I made you that makes your eyes extremely blue and makes me lost in them. My skin got as dark as the coffee we like to drink but you still were able to make a path of kisses in my body.

I’ve been dreaming about you and I miss you, but I know that what we had we’ll never forget it. I will miss you my whole life and part of me will always love you but you’ll remain as what it felt like, a dream.



He soñado contigo recientemente… Me hace pensar, ¿es verdad que cuando alguien aparece en tus sueños la otra persona está pensando en ti?

He soñado contigo recientemente, sueño de aquello que nos salió mal solo que esta vez no cometemos errores. Y aunque nada estuviera a nuestro favor, sólo éramos tu y yo contra el mundo. Sonreías, tu sonrisa era genuina, real y natural. Como aquellas sonrisas que me dabas bajo el sol.

He soñado contigo recientemente, de la vida que pudimos haber tenido juntos, de aquella pequeña casa con su patio enorme, en algún lugar con clima cálido. Traías puesta esa camisa azul que hace tus ojos tomar tal intensidad en la que siempre terminaba perdida. Mi piel se tornaba del color que nos gusta tomar el café, pero aún así lograbas hacer un camino de besos con mis lunares.

He soñado contigo recientemente. He soñado contigo y te extraño, pero sé que lo que tuvimos jamás lo olvidaremos, siempre te voy a querer, y siempre te recordaré como fue un sueño.