Ik zal van je houden.

I got my heart fragmented into pieces. I’ve lived with the intensity people claim only young love can give. I wrapped myself into being a hopeless romantic, idolising the idea of love, to loved and be loved. I felt loved, I felt loved as it is. Selfless. 

I loved you. What a strong sentence, you may not realise how much meaning it has to love in another language, your brain falls in love with all it has. You are trying to find the words to love them right, love them with sense. But love makes no sense. 

Love is senseless. I loved you in so many different ways. But my love, your love. Our love was not enough. It was not solid enough to handle the timing, the distance. 

I resented for longer that I should have. Resent, the art of keep the sentiment. I felt. After you were gone. With the lack of words. I felt. 

And now at 2 am, I feel you. I feel you again. It aches me no more to think of you. Your memory makes me smile. I loved you. I love you. And I will love you. 

– M

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