Am I the only one who is afraid of not doing what they want to do in life?

I’ve been thinking lately that time is just winning the battle here, a battle I knew I couldn’t win. I am getting older and I think I’m running out of time. Someone told me that my life hasn’t even started, but I’m afraid, afraid of not accomplish all the great things I have in mind, I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up old and realise I am not happy with the things I’ve done, that I should have done more, but what else can I do now? I can’t seem to find a balance between, job, university, my hobbies and my personal life. I see other people, as capable as I am, but they can and somehow I can’t. I can’t find a job, I’m not doing as good in school as I wish, I wish I traveled more, but there are factors like the ones I mention before, I want to write, I want to paint I want to learn new languages and practice the ones I know, I want to be with my friends and go out, party, work out, and still be healthy enough to survive my 20’s. What is the key? What is the secret? What am I doing wrong? I have this “scarcity” of a life I can have (because I’m blessed and I have everything to be happy) but I can’t. And as I write this, I realise how stupid and selfish I am, but I can’t stop feeling like this.


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