“Almost a designer never an engineer…”

So this just happened to me. I was sitting in the dinning room of my university having something like breakfast and lunch because that’s what we students do (or at least that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month, I know… it’s unhealthy but I haven’t had the you know the disposition to change this bad habit). Anyway, so today was the soccer game and I was surprised because I’ve never seen so many men together having lunch at the cafeteria it was full and of course they were all looking at Real Madrir vs. Borrussia. I was about to finish when a young lady (around her 30s) walked into the room carrying a little girl around 2 years old and she was looking for a place to sit with her daughter, I was about to leave so I told her that she could sit where I was sitting, she sat and started sighing, we started a conversation….

– “What’s her name? She looks so sweet…” – the little girl was looking at me with her big green eyes as if she has never seen so many people before, kind of overwhelmed.

– “Hey Jackie say hi to this young lady” – she talked to her with that mommy voice as if she couldn’t understand if she spoke normally – “Her name is Jackie. Oh boy! how fast time flies, I used to study here, ten years ago…” – apparently she started to have flashbacks of her good times.

– “Really? What did you study?”- I asked

– “Communications” – she looked at me and smiled – “let me tell you something, you have no idea of how fast this happens, enjoy, do everything you want to, don’t stop because of what everyone thinks it’s good or not, I’m telling you if you don’t tell that guy that you like him, you’ll keep wondering all your life, what would have happened if you told him how you feel… The worst thing that could happen is that he doesn’t like you back and well, you have plenty other choices…”- and then she looked around like checking all the handsome young men that were sitting around us.


After I left her I started thinking about what she just told me, and damn she is so right, that’s what I’ve been thinking and doing since the beginning of the year, not only to tell the guy I like, I like him, but to live life as I want. I did just change my career, for the second time, so this will be the third time I “start” a new one. I’m sure people will say a lot of things about me, they are going to judge me, to say things like “you are just wasting time and money”, bummer! People no offence but I am (me) who is studying, I am the one who is spending her money and time, ME not you ME… So thank you but I don’t need you to give me the opinion of what I am going to do with my life, I didn’t ask for it. When I do want to hear it I will ask for your opinion.

And well I did also said the guy I like, I like him and he likes me too so yeah…

Until the next, love.



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