What is your reason?

I’ve recently realized that people who travel often write things about it, I’ve tons of journals and some of them are just about all my thoughts when I’m not at home… But why? Why do we have this need to write everything down that crosses our mind when we are out of town? Well, in my case I just don’t want to forget anything I write down all my emotions, feelings, needs, fears, selfish thoughts, dreams… I write down everything I can see, smell, hear, taste, breathe… because when I’m back home, in my bed and I feel sad or lonely I take out those words and reread them and travel again to my own paradise… I’m happy instantly

But that’s my reason… that’s just me… What is your reason? 




* I bought this journal in NYC in 2010, I’ve been fill in it ever since with every single trip I do alone. Later on maybe I’ll reveal it’s content and hope it makes you as happy as it makes me. 


  1. It’s an outlet for me. I feel that there are so many things that happen each day and it would be impossible to process if all the stories kept floating around in my mind and never made it down onto paper. Also, after a few months, it’s so easy to boil down your experience somewhere into a few words or one story that gets told over and over again. This way, you can remember all of the stories for a long time to come. Thanks for sharing your post, and keep the blogs/pics coming!

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