It drives you crazy, getting old.

Ugh, this songs makes me want to go back when I was about 8 years and I was living with both of my parents, happy, with no worries to think of other than my school grades or the song I was gonna sing at my english class in front of everyones parents.
So funny how things change when you get older and older, you have to stop doing thing you like just because you have to get better at things that really matter…
I wish everything stayed like that… but no, time will not stop, you have to keep moving, adapt and if you’re lucky enough you’ll people to be happy with sharing other things you’ve learn to do and things you are passionate about… Growing old is indeed the scariest thing you can be worried about that has no stop, but it is what life is about…

Enjoy, live everyday as if it’s the last and have no regrets.

♥, M.

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