What is your reason?

I’ve recently realized that people who travel often write things about it, I’ve tons of journals and some of them are just about all my thoughts when I’m not at home… But why? Why do we have this need to write everything down that crosses our mind when we are out of town? Well, in my case I just don’t want to forget anything I write down all my emotions, feelings, needs, fears, selfish thoughts, dreams… I write down everything I can see, smell, hear, taste, breathe… because when I’m back home, in my bed and I feel sad or lonely I take out those words and reread them and travel again to my own paradise… I’m happy instantly

But that’s my reason… that’s just me… What is your reason? 




* I bought this journal in NYC in 2010, I’ve been fill in it ever since with every single trip I do alone. Later on maybe I’ll reveal it’s content and hope it makes you as happy as it makes me. 

10 years and a list.

This great blogger which I’ve just discovered by wondering around wordpress shares a lot of what it’s going on my head right now… She wrote a great post about “23 THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF GETTING ENGAGED BEFORE YOU’RE 23” and  honestly I couldn’t agree more. I mean I’m 20 years old and I’ve not lived as much things as this women or other people, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done enough things to be happy about…

Back in the summer when I was having the time of my life experience a new adventure on my own volunteering in Russia I found a peculiar cultural thing that was going on with this  young people (now friends), that some of them weren’t even 20 when they already got engaged or married… my first “buddy” asked me what I thought about getting married at my age (I was 19 and so did she) I thought it was a joke but answered nicely, I told her that I there is no rush on getting married, I mean if I’m already committed by word to this person there’s no need of marriage, because honestly I think that is one of the biggest adventures people take, but for now on I rather do other things and I’m gonna make my own list about…

Things I need to do in my 20’s.

1.-  Go to Paris

Paris 2013

2.- Twice or more.

3.- Ski, water ski and surf.

4.- Go to Egypt and South Africa

5.- Go to Russia, again


6.- Go topless at the beach

7.- Take a picture while kissing a stranger

4.- Eat pizza and ‘gelato’ at Italy

5.- Go to Seul

6.- Take a random trip

7.- Roadtrip in Mexico

8.- Go to San Miguel

16.- Get a Tattoo

17.- Finish a book

18.- Have a nice blog (working on it)

19.- Go to all places where you can practice all the languages you are learning or know

20.- Buy a professional camera

21.- Make a Vlog

22.- Save for a GoPro and buy a new INSTAX

….  (to be continued)

I’m sure there are plenty other things that I wanna do before I turn 30 and get married, I have 10 years and a list, maybe I get married with stranger or my best friend (if I ever talk to him again) but who knows? My advice in this… Live and enjoy, at the end the things you do matters only to you.


M. ♥

It drives you crazy, getting old.

Ugh, this songs makes me want to go back when I was about 8 years and I was living with both of my parents, happy, with no worries to think of other than my school grades or the song I was gonna sing at my english class in front of everyones parents.
So funny how things change when you get older and older, you have to stop doing thing you like just because you have to get better at things that really matter…
I wish everything stayed like that… but no, time will not stop, you have to keep moving, adapt and if you’re lucky enough you’ll people to be happy with sharing other things you’ve learn to do and things you are passionate about… Growing old is indeed the scariest thing you can be worried about that has no stop, but it is what life is about…

Enjoy, live everyday as if it’s the last and have no regrets.

♥, M.


Año nuevo…

Bienvenido… supongo que tener una fecha en la cual celebrar el inicio de algo es bueno, para muchos (incluyéndome) es cuando podemos empezar de nuevo, dejar a un lado nuestros errores ¿pero qué pasa si nuestros errores nos persiguen y no nos dejan en paz? ¿se supone que debamos olvidarlos? ¿seguir adelante? ¿qué pasa si los errores nos pueden ayudar a no volver a cometer nuevos errores o los mismos en su defecto?

Como dice ese dicho, “a lo hecho, pecho”, en un principio me tomó un poco de tiempo entender lo que me quería decir, hasta que comprendí que una vez que hiciste algo tienes que enfrentarlo con la cabeza en alto o como mis padres suelen decirme “espalda derecha”, enfrentar las cosas como son, como vienen… aceptar las consecuencias sean buenas o malas.

Para mi éste año (al igual que el pasado) se trata de encontrar balance, entre mente, cuerpo y alma… No estoy muy segura de dónde saqué esta nueva filosofía pero lo que si puedo asegurar es que cuando tengo balance en mi cuerpo, mente y alma mi espíritu está coexistiendo.

En fin, un poco de inspiración de año nuevo…

¡Feliz año!